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Step 2: Small Intestine Detox Program

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Step 2 of the Detoxification process is Cleansing the Small Intestine.

Triumph Over Health’s Small Intestine Detox Program will start to gently detox the exceedingly long, small intestine.

Cleansing the Small Intestine is one of the most important detoxes a person can do.

The Small Intestinal Cleanse impacts your level of success in all your health programs AND achieving optimal health.

What's Included with the Small Intestine Detox Program:

  • Education on the Small Intestine
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Product Shopping List
  • Purpose of Each Product
  • Health Tips on How to Optimize the Cleanse
  • Dietary Recommendations for Optimal Results
  • Daily General Guidelines for Ease of Use (How much and when, broken up by time of day)

Super Simple.

Major Impact.

Only 2 products are required for this cleanse.

Supplements not Included.


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