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The Covid Shot & Booster Detox Bath

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This Covid Shot and Booster Detox Bath is a must for EVERYONE! Yes - I mean EVERYONE!

We have ALL been exposed to the graphene oxide and spike proteins that are prolific in these shots. We are exposed in so many, many ways.

  • By injection
  • By transmission
  • In our food
  • In our drinks
  • From smart dust

This Detox Bath helps eliminate symptoms from both injection and transmission. You might think you feel "fine", but after each and every bath, you will feel better and better. This bioweapon really is doing a number on all of us - no matter how careful we are being in regards to exposure.

My family and I make sure to take this bath after being in large crowds, contact with those who have had the shots, after traveling or if we are starting to feel "unwell".

A simple bath with maximum impact!

This is a Recipe with links to the products needed. Products are not Included.


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